The first stop of my journey through Europe was the ever popular SharePoint Saturday Stockholm. Hosted by Matthias Einig, Tobias Zimmergren and Erwin van Hunen it was sure to be a great event and no surprises there, it definitely was. It was rather daunting as being an English speaking speaker, i was hoping that everyone would understand my rather flat South African accent.

The morning started off with sponsors setting up at the World Trade Center Stockholm which was a great venue.


I managed to catch Matthias running around in the morning finishing off some last minute updates which reminded me what it takes to actually pull off a SharePoint Saturday.



During the keynote, the question was posed regarding how many people were dev’s vs ITPro’s with the majority putting up their hands as dev’s so naturally I expected to see around 4 people in my session as I was at the same time as three legendary speakers.


Surprisingly, I had a really decent size room with a ton of questions and even got a standing ovation. Okay, I didn’t really get one, but it was fun to get the audience to stand up.


My session topic was about Effective SharePoint Architecture. In fact, I hardly touched SharePoint. For the most part, SharePoint is fairly rudimentary with how and what servers you require, what specifications it should be and how it all connects to each other. What the majority of consultants/architects forget is that the underlying infrastructure is the main contributor to poor performance and before we go blaming SharePoint, we should in fact, before we install SharePoint, make 100% sure that we have covered the necessary IT questions needed for a proper SharePoint farm to be deployed.

Have a look at my slides here before you go installing SharePoint:

The quality of speakers were outstanding (Average rating of 4.3 out of 5, with the highest rating being a 4.8) and I felt very humbled to be part of the speakers at this years SharePoint Saturday Stockholm.


The speaker gifts, what can i say, they knew exactly how to get us all excited; Raspberry Pi 3’s. Awesome stuff. And by now, we probably all have installed RetroPie, except for Symon Garfield…



Suffice to say. My first SPS in Europe was phenomenal. Thanks to all that attended and thanks once again to the organizers.


Be cool my ninja’s.