The last leg of my Eurotrip ended with me having the amazing opportunity to present at this year’s SharePoint Conference in Zagreb. In Jan of this year, I made the decision to submit a few sessions to SPC in the hope that I would be considered as a speaker. Little did I know that over 300 sessions was submitted and that the SPC team would put it out to a public vote for delegates to select which sessions that would most likely want to see. I really thought that it was over for me as a speaker at the conference as the quality of speakers were epic.

I was extremely humbled to receive a mail confirming that I was selected as a speaker. In fact, the rest of my Eurotrip was based on me getting into SPC Adriatics.

As I am used to the usual SharePoint Saturday events I had no idea what to expect at SPC. Suffice to say, I was super impressed. Nenad, Adis, Branka and Toni, my hats off to you for organising one of the best conferences I have ever attended and thank you for having me!


Yes!! Thats me representing South Africa. 28 countries, let me say that again, 28 COUNTRIES. That’s how popular the event is!

As always, I kicked off my session with a standing ovation. Funny that…


As with SharePoint Saturday Stockholm and Paris, the majority of the attendee’s were Dev’s so I was pleasantly surprised to have soo many people in my session. Weirdly enough, they were all ITPro’s and not business users. It was refreshing to see ITPro’s want to bridge the gap between business and IT.

My session covered Governance and Compliance in SharePoint and Office 365. As this is generally regarded as a dull subject, I had to spruce up the deck a bit so I dropped a few of these in them:


You can grab the rest of my slides here:

Now on to the fun stuff. So, as we arrived, we were given what has to arguably be the best speaker kit ever!!


In typical Adis fashion, there was not 1 but 2 speaker dinners AND a community dinner on the third night. This was really cool as it gives the delegates the opportunity to interact much more with the speakers.

And now for some photo’s:


The sponsor area


Some Crazy guy in a Yammer t-shirt… Screw the Establishment!!


Matthias dropping some mad CAF info. Mind=Blown

20160531_205855 20160531_220323


Sébastien has to be the craziest traveler ever.

20160601_170414 20160601_181004
20160601_202140 20160601_202151 20160602_014219

And that’s a wrap folks. 14 days, 4 countries, 3 conferences, 1 Podcast and 8 flights. Europe, you have been great, awfully expensive, but great. Meeting everyone was fantastic! See you next year.

Be cool my ninja’s.