The second stop on my journey through Europe was SharePoint Saturday Paris, hosted by Gokan Ozcifci and Patrick Guimonet. Paris is very special to me. My grandfather (Pugin) came across to Cape Town, South Africa as a naval interpreter for the French Navy back in the early 1900’s which is how my side of the Pugin family got to Cape Town. Some others moved to England in the early 1800’s and my namesake was made famous by the Architect Augustus Pugin. If only i could speak French.

Just some history into me speaking at SharePoint Saturday Paris. My intention was to only submit sessions for SharePoint Saturday Stockholm and SPC Adriatics, which I did, and managed to get accepted as a speaker. While I was updating one of the 3 SharePoint Saturday sites we handle in South Africa, I stumbled upon SPS Paris. AND low and behold, it was smack bang in the middle of my trip. I reached out to Patrick and Gokan to check if there were any speaker slots available but alas, nothing. I noticed that my mate Usama Wahab Khan Yousfzai was presenting and asked if I could share his session (SharePoint / Office 365: l’évolution des forms) and presto, I got in as a speaker.

Little did I know, but Usama was unable to secure his visa in time so I got to do the entire session on my own, which meant i had to miss the speaker dinner, WITH Jeff Teper. This was becoming a theme as I missed the speaker dinner in Stockholm because I arrived at the dock as the ferry was departing.

None-the-less, I prepped my slides and demo’s and was good to go the next morning. Before we get there, I attended a few other happenings in Paris before SPS. First off was the Metalogix Roadshow on the Thursday at Microsoft Paris.



20160526_092428 20160526_134135 20160526_140105

Metalogix put on a great roadshow for the attendee’s which was an awesome start to my Paris trip.

As an ambassador of the aOS Community for South Africa, I was invited to come along to Aurélien Prévot’s house in Versailles for the aOS Podcast and a fantastic dinner on the Thursday after the roadshow.

Grab the entire Podcast here.

So we arrive at Aurélien’s house, walk into the lounge and BAM!!! Check out the Podcast kit. Mind=Blown.


Thanks Aurélien for a warm welcome and a great podcast!


Moving on, Paris day 2, off to the Preconf session back at Microsoft Paris with Gokan, Aurélien and Patrick, Bill Ayers and Sébastien Levert. Once again, top class sessions.

20160527_094943 20160527_095942 20160527_103019 20160527_145208

Day 3, and its SharePoint Saturday Paris!! Did I mention that i missed the Speaker Dinner, Number 2 now. Sad Ninja…


Managed to squeeze in a pint before the speakers went off for the Speaker dinner.

Anyhow, back to the event. It was held at the Tour Montparnasse. ON THE 40th FLOOR. This must be the highest SharePoint Saturday in the world.


The view is truly majestic from the 40th floor. Click on the image for the full pic.

On to my session. It actually turned out quite well. Most of the audience only knew about Nintex and some about K2.

Grab the rest of the information here:

Once again, ANOTHER standing ovation. :-))


The event was closed by the keynote from the father of SharePoint, Jeff Teper. I am really excited to see Microsoft heavyweights realizing the true value of the community and making an effort to attend these global events.


I even got to take a selfie at the SharePint.

And as everyone know’s, a SharePoint Saturday is not a SharePoint Saturday without a proper SharePint afterwards.

20160528_203418 20160528_230022 20160528_230116 20160528_232520

And that’s a wrap folks of the second SPS Saturday in Europe for me. Thanks to the event team for having me!!

Be cool my ninja’s.