I’ve been working on a project to port a simple SharePoint 2010 workflow to a Reusable Workflow in 2013. The initial process was a fairly rudimentary Approval workflow associated with a Content Type.

Spun up Designer 2013, deployed the Workflow Manager, which in itself is a process, more about this can be found here (Offline Install) just to get SharePoint Designer 2013 to give me the following option:

Anyhow, once this was enabled, for starters, there are no SharePoint 2013 workflows OOTB. Nudda, Nothing but thats another story.

Also, if you look at the pic above, notice how the Content Type is greyed out, yip you guessed it, you cannot associate a Reusable 2013 Workflow with a Content Type. Just peachy. I found a post relating to MSDN confirming this which was no biggy, although i was not going to buy that one cannot do this. So i decided to poke around a bit more.

Clicked on File then selected “Reusable Workflow” from the Workflows section and presto:

I have the option of selecting a Content Type. My excitement was short lived, even though you can select it there, and it doesn’t complain at all, it does nothing!! Why SPD, WHY!!!

So lets look at the annoyances i managed to stumble across today:

  • Whats the point of being able to select a Content Type when it does nothing.
  • Whats the point of of being able to initiate a 2010 workflow from within a 2013 workflow?? Well, i need to put more thought into this, but for now, all i wanted was to create a 2013 Approval workflow like i used to do in 2010.
  • Why are there no 2013 OOTB workflows? – Now this boils down to governance principles. Architecturally, we want to only use 2013 workflows in the Farm, yes? So why give us 2010 workflows to use… Makes no sense.
  • Why deploy the Workflow Manager to just a site and not the farm, although, after opening another web app, i still had the option for using SharePoint 2013 workflows? More investigation required here me thinks.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll keep posting as i stumble across some more.

Be cool my ninja’s