As everyone knows, the Information Worker community grinded to a slow halt near the end of last year. There were multiple reasons for this happening which i am not going to get into. Suffice to say, it had died.

After looking at how various communities are run throughout the world, we decided to go with a more structured approach.

The structure comprises of the following tiers:

  • Regional Directors – These individuals are responsible for Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. They look after the overall running of the community in each region, they manage the IW leads and ensure that there is traction in how the internal and external components of the community are handled.
  • IW Leads – These individuals are responsible for:
    • Ensuring that the monthly event does happen
    • Communicate all information pertaining to our monthly community events to the all current and future delegates
    • Procure the services of good speakers and sessions
    • Making sure that there is a common theme and vision within the community across South Africa
    • Welcoming everyone at each community night
  • IW Speakers – The people that make sure that you are educated through sharing their knowledge with the community. We want everyone to become an IW speaker. Your knowledge is valuable to everyone
  • IW Member – The heartbeat of the community. Without members, we simply do not exist. We need you to get involved, share with us your thoughts and ideas. The community is here to not only help you but also to learn from you.

Now that we finalised the structure, we rebuilt the site.

IWlanding We are super excited with the new site.

We have a members section that we encourage everyone to sign up to. Being a member will ensure that you receive all the necessary updates and invites to the various community initiatives.

We have a full-blown calendar showing all the events, not only IW, for the year. We launched Johannesburg in March, which was a resounding success. Cape Town launches in April and Durban will follow in May. I am super excited about the structure and all the cool things we will be doing at the IW community going forward. 

Be cool my ninja’s.