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Office 365 Week 4.5 – Old vs New Compliance Center

So prematurely, I hinted that we were going to start looking at the new features in the Security and Compliance Center. What i omitted, was what the old one looked like. Bad AL. Lets jump into that quickly: Old Center… Continue Reading →

Office 365 week 4 – What’s in Office 365

Greetings Office 36-fivers! I always get asked, “so what all do we get with Office 365?” and the usual answer is Mail, Office and SharePoint Online, but this is soo not the case. You get a ton more stuff. Yes,… Continue Reading →

Office 365 week 3 – New Security and Compliance Center

Ooooo, what is this new tab when i hit the Office 365 Portal?? So there is movement away from the old Compliance Center to add more features and to roll up all the goodies so that you have everything pertaining… Continue Reading →

Gamification in Office 365

So, Gamification, what is this all about? Well according to wikipedia, its (sic) “Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts”. And yes, SharePoint has some cool features around this. First, how do you configure… Continue Reading →

Office 365 week 1 – The Missing Document Information Panel

Microsoft has been rather sneaky with Office 2016. The Document Information Panel that links Content Type Columns directly to any Office 2016 product, be it Word, Excel, PowerPoint, is GONE!!! So you no longer get the drop down. And that… Continue Reading →

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