So we have all heard about SharePoint Apps. Hell Microsoft added it to SharePoint 2013 as the app catalog and the App Model was an abomination, nevermind configuring the app catalog to work efficiently. Well SharePoint Online also has apps. Strangely enough, when you spin up an Office 365 Tenant, its not enabled by default.

Although, you can view apps from the SharePoint apps store. Yes, rather annoying. Also, depending on what plan you are on, you may not have access to the SharePoint Admin Center, which is what allows you to enable the app catalog as well as spin up the app catalog site and allow you to run scripts.

Now the script component is required when you are deploying apps via Powershell scripts. There are quite a few 3rd party products that are not availabel in the online store.

Let have a look at how to spin up the app catalog, which is the first part of the process.

Navigate to your SharePoint Admin Center in the Admin Center’s tab and select apps.


Once there, select the App Catalog link.


If you do not have an app catalog configured, the image above is what you will encounter. Fairly straight forward, give your app catalog a name, address and administrator. Very VERY straight forward. Unlike the on-prem config which hasn’t improved in SharePoint 2016 at all. As it says, the app catalog creates a site collection which you can view at _layouts/15/online/SiteCollections.aspx

This is pretty much all you really need to start working with apps from the Online store. Unlike on-prem, where you would need to enable the internet-facing endpoints feature on the web application that will be using apps.

For those who will be deploying apps through powershell, you will need to enable scripts so that the tenant allows the scripts used to deploy the apps.

Navigate to Settings and scroll down until you get to the “Custom Script” section and select the 2 radio buttons.


And that’s it, well you have to give it 24 hours for scripting to be enabled on your tenant so go make coffee, go home, grab some sleep and by the next morning, it should be sorted.

Be cool my ninjas.