Greetings Office 36-fivers!

I always get asked, “so what all do we get with Office 365?” and the usual answer is Mail, Office and SharePoint Online, but this is soo not the case. You get a ton more stuff. Yes, the Office 365 SKU’s are confusing for the most part, as there are Hybrid scenario’s, bridged licences, multiple variations, etc.

My friends over at Sharegate have put together a great post about all the really cool stuff in Office 365. Although its not exhaustive, (does not list the Azure stack that you need for Hybrid and Active Directory Sync, etc) it is the best explanation that i have found on the web.

Awesome stuff Ben! If you want to find out more about Ben’s posts, please follow him on Twitter.

Check the Infographic below.

What's in Office 365 infographic
Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST Office 365 and SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.
Be cool my ninja’s.