So prematurely, I hinted that we were going to start looking at the new features in the Security and Compliance Center. What i omitted, was what the old one looked like. Bad AL. Lets jump into that quickly:

Old Center


New Center


As you can see by my “colour by squares”, most of the items have been rolled into specific groups to make it easier to understand, cos lets face it, if you do not have some form of knowledge management background with added understanding of the legal ramifications of hold, archiving, retention’s, dispositions, etc, it looks way too complex to implement.

Also, these functions are not just limited to SharePoint, it is across Exchange, OneDrive for Business and Skype so it becomes extremely daunting.

For example, you can now monitor conversations in Skype across your organisation by creating an eDiscovery Case and mine what has been said, by who, to who and when. This would be important when you want to protect your intellectual property.

We have known how to accomplish this with Rights Management in the past, to a certain degree but more and more people communicate via Instant Messaging, especially with Skype federation so its much much more than just locking down content in a document, because everyone owns a cellphone and can take pics instead of doing:


Anyhow, now that we know where the old is in the new center, for those that have been using the Compliance Center, feel free to switch over to the new “pretty” view.

We’ll start unpacking Permissions soon.

Be cool my ninja’s.