Depending on what Office 365 Plan you are on, you may have access to Microsoft Power BI and Delve Analytics. Now I am no BI expert but I wanted to have a look what normal people could possibly do with Power BI.

Power BI has two flavours, the Windows App and one in the browser. Although, the browser app is misleading as it does not appear as an app in your app launcher. (edit – 3 flavours)


You will have to hit the “View all my apps” to find it. Now I have had a few people tell me that this is not the case and that everything is there by default so please explain to me why my App Launcher doesn’t have Power BI in the screenshot above? 🙂

Anyhow, once launched, it does get added.


Like I said earlier, there are two flavours, (edit – 3 flavours) the browser version which is what the app launcher initiates and the Windows App which, DOES NOT WORK without Windows 10.


According to the Windows Marketplace, this is a new UWP App released for Windows 10 specifically. So I did some investigating, and low and behold, there is a “Desktop” App. Geez Microsoft, how confusing do you want to make it for people to use Power BI!!

So head over here if you want the “Desktop” App.


Once installed, you can now work with it as a “Desktop” App and not a UWP App


Power BI is licensed in two ways, grab the info here. Note: You do not need an Office 365 Account to use Power BI for the most part. 

Lets get to the reason why I spun up Power BI. Well for starters, its a great data visualisation tool and rather easy to use.  Since I use WordPress for my blog, well the app, not the WordPress generic blog page, I thought I’d have a look at my traffic for the site.

For this interaction, I am going to use the browser version, as it is simpler than the desktop version or UWP App version.

By selecting the “Get Data” option, you are faced with a few choices:


There’s a host of options which is really awesome to get started with, including a tutorial. I grabbed the Google Analytics Content Pack as I wanted to check what my traffic and other statistics are.

I am really impressed with how seamless it all is. Grab Content Pack – Sign In – Presto.


Everything is fully interactive, just mouse over and check the drill downs and drill through options.


Suffice to say. I will be using Power BI to unpack my sites usage. Like I said in the beginning, I am by no means a BI expert but will continue to unpack the ITPro features that are available over the upcoming months.

That’s it for now folks. Hope that this dispell’s some of the Power BI questions you may have. Give it a whirl. Its super easy to get going.

Be cool my ninja’s.