So I have been slacking in blog posts mainly due to the commitments of SharePoint Saturday SA month (October), the inaugural aOS Road Trip in South Africa and my latest venture, the 2 Guys and SharePoint Podcast (which I really enjoy). More posts to follow about that later.

Having said that, I got trolled by the real Francois Pienaar on Twitter recently, with some rudimentary questions about 1. SharePoint Online Folder permissions and 2. Word back stage content type integration.

twittertroll1 twittertroll2

As you can see, very annoying.

Francois Pienaar, here you go, your very own “howto” guide to getting to Folder permissions in SharePoint Online with the new Modern Library Experience:

  1. Select the ellipses of the folder in question
  2. Then “Details”


  1. Then expand the “Sharing” Tab
  2. Select the “Advanced” link and presto.


Now you are able to break inheritance on that specific folder. Remember to ensure that you remove the old groups and or members as even though you have broken inheritance, that users and or groups will still have the effective permissions that they had before inheritance was broken.

Frank, next blog post will be about how to add locations to Word, WORD!

Be cool my ninja’s, and Frank.