Hi there,

My name is Alistair Pugin. I have been in IT for 15 years ranging from computer wholesale, to infrastructure management and finally settling on Enterprise Information Management. I’m still a geek at heart so my posts won’t be only be about ECM or Knowledge Management.

My journey into ECM started in 2001 when my then manager sent me on a Zylab course. Suffice to say, it changed the way I perceived Information and Communication Technology forever. Being an EIM practitioner is not the easiest of careers to be involved in but the rewards are worth the challenge.

Once a user understands the benefits of a Knowledge Management Framework tied to an ECM strategy the possibilities are endless. Fostering innovation and growth through Business Productivity Enrichment is the prime directive of an ECM consultant and its with this in mind that I press on through the day, hoping to impart my knowledge on the people I come in contact with.

I am hoping to share these experiences with everyone that reads my blog.

Stay tuned…