PowerApps, how awesome is this?? Microsoft is churning out gazillions of new features, daily, its soo difficult to keep up. I’ll just have to blog about it when it happens.

If you signed up a few months ago to the preview, you should have received an invite to activate the subscription. Go ahead, click the link and sign in with your O365 account details. You should get the following screen:


If you havent signed up, head over to https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/ and sign up. Its free afterall.

Once in, you have the familiar O365 dashboard type look and feel. It really is great how everything looks familiar.


You have a few options, i would suggest having a look at the Sample apps and how they work before hitting the New App button.

Hitting the New App button will redirect you to PowerApps Studio for Windows box:


Download the App and start playing around with what you can do. It’s that easy.

Next week i’ll build an app you can use with SharePoint Online.

Be cool my ninja’s.