Office 365 Challenge for the Real Francois Pienaar – Folder Permissions

So I have been slacking in blog posts mainly due to the commitments of SharePoint Saturday SA month (October), the inaugural aOS Road Trip in South Africa and my latest venture, the 2 Guys and SharePoint Podcast (which I really… Continue Reading →

Office 365 week? uhm. – Week something, I forget. SharePoint Online Apps

So we have all heard about SharePoint Apps. Hell Microsoft added it to SharePoint 2013 as the app catalog and the App Model was an abomination, nevermind configuring the app catalog to work efficiently. Well SharePoint Online also has apps…. Continue Reading →

Office 365 week 10 – Power BI for your blog site

Depending on what Office 365 Plan you are on, you may have access to Microsoft Power BI and Delve Analytics. Now I am no BI expert but I wanted to have a look what normal people could possibly do with… Continue Reading →

Office 365 Week 4.5 – Old vs New Compliance Center

So prematurely, I hinted that we were going to start looking at the new features in the Security and Compliance Center. What i omitted, was what the old one looked like. Bad AL. Lets jump into that quickly: Old Center… Continue Reading →

Office 365 week 4 – What’s in Office 365

Greetings Office 36-fivers! I always get asked, “so what all do we get with Office 365?” and the usual answer is Mail, Office and SharePoint Online, but this is soo not the case. You get a ton more stuff. Yes,… Continue Reading →

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